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Introduction to Kürt Admissions

  • Kürt – The school that fits you

    Kürt Foundation Secondary School is a democratic institution, which is inclusive in the broad sense of the word. It is a child-oriented school, where

    • school citizens cooperate, inspiring each other in identifying and achieving their common goals
    • the community and its work is characterized by creativity, efficiency, diversity, the application of new methods and free, independent thinking;
    • our goal is to help versatile personality development;
    • we prepare students for the challenges of higher education;
    • we are totally aware of age-related requirements, taking into account special educational needs;
    • the load is individualized and proportional to students;
    • in-class and extracurricular events are equally important;
    • we keep and create our traditions;
    • our approach to everyday life is cheerful and positive to be able to work together in a joyous atmosphere;
    • we open doors to the world, through which thoughtful, creative, free, happy and autonomous young adults can enter the world.

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    Forms of education

             Hungarian-English bilingual program >>

             Normal secondary school program >>

Why you should choose us

         We assist students towards higher education, through the following methods:

         An alternative educational programme, with accredited framework curriculum (there are only 12 such schools in the country)

         Epoch, projects, thematic weeks, complex subjects, written feedback to students

        SEN teacher, school psychologist

         In addition to English any optional foreign language may be chosen (currently Arabic, Danish, Dutch, French, Greek, Japanese, German, Italian, Russian and Spanish are offered, but the list is expanding)

         University preparatory courses are offered, split groups, a wide variety of optional sports within PE classes, end-of-term sports camp

         A high proportion of students obtain C1 level language exams in the bilingual programme

         Education in this school is based on the current status of the abilities and personalities of the students (individual development plan)

         The ratio of students that continue their studies in higher education is 90%

         Differentiated activities

         Individual consultation and development opportunities, talent management

         Tripartite bodies (students, parents, adult staff): Kürt Council, Forum for Cooperation

         On-demand preparatory courses in any graduation subject

         The guiding principles of our teaching methods are students’ needs and their most efficient learning approaches

         An informal, homely atmosphere, partnership-based, service approach

         Mentor system

         Radically reduced number of compulsory hours for all grades, leaving ample opportunities to choose optional subjects

         Each of the classes is managed by a pair of form teachers

         The number of students in a class is kept at around 28

         85% of our graduates have language exams

         Extracurricular programs

         Study groups (ball games, English, Dutch, biology, economics, mathematics, phonation, psychology workshop (discussion group), Public Speaking, drawing, music, guitar, drama workshop, etc.)

         Home contests, talent management

         A wide variety of programmes are organised all year round (freshman’s camp, skiing camp, thematic weeks, biking camp, rowing camp (language week, forest school, social and career thematic week) and thematic days (physical-mental health day, democracy day, tolerance day, sports day), art festival, Kürt party, sports night, Kürt student-teacher matches)

         Class trips (at the beginning and at the end of the year)

Information about admissions at the open day

Megnézem >> Soon available...

Admission to Kürt

Dear Students and Parents!

All the information presented at the previous “open day in Kürt” can be found in the document attached below.

We welcome all future participants to our admission exam preparatory course, our open day (though “every day is an open day”) and of course to the entrance exam.

Best regards, on behalf of all Kürt school citizens.

Lajos Molnár
school leader

Message from our Support team to the parents:

It is important for us that according to the mission of our school we help all our students in the best possible way, already from the beginning of their secondary school years. In order to do this, we need as much information about our students as we can obtain. For this reason, we kindly ask you to let us know before the spoken entrance exam if your child has required any kind of special treatment in the primary school years. If you have advice from a specialist, please provide a copy thereof to the tamogatok@kag.hu e-mail address!


Our school's mission is to help students in the development of their skills, to approach them with patience and acceptance, and to support them in reaching their goals. Each student has the right to receive support according to their abilities, skills, in accordance with the current state of development of their personalities. Our goal is to achieve the full integration of students with learning and behaviour problems and students with special educational needs (SEN) into the school community in all the senses of the word.


Personalised, integrated education is achieved by:

  • uniform educational content (complex subjects, epochs, optional subjects)
  • a wide range of teaching methods (thematic weeks and days, cooperative learning environment, project work, digital tools)
  • individual written feedback to students
  • enhanced pedagogical support (two-form-teacher system)

In this process teachers are assisted by the members of the Support team (psychologists, trained special needs teachers).

Our school has undertaken the task of the integration of students facing learning and behavioural difficulties and students with special needs (with locomotor disturbances (capable of moving independently)); sensory disability (visually impaired); speech disability; Autism spectrum disorder or other psychological disorder with developmental problems (or serious learning, attention behaviour control disorder)).

In order to ensure that the school can actually support students in the correct manner and with the appropriate methods, we carry out a preliminary information gathering (reviewing opinions from SEN teachers, personal consultations) about new students. It is our common responsibility in the admission process that we mutually get acquainted with the affected families and examine the possible outcomes of our cooperation. For this reason, we would like to ask you to notify us before the spoken entrance exam, by 31st January, 2020 the latest to let us know if your child has required any kind of priority treatment in the primary school years. If you have advice from a specialist, please provide a copy thereof to the tamogatok@kag.hu e-mail address!

Thank you for your cooperation!



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Kürt Foundation

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