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Information about admissions, dates, deadlines

Entrance exam for 8th graders

Central written entrance exam to secondary schools

The central written entrance exam may be taken in any secondary school, as well as in Kürt.

Subjects: Hungarian language and literature, mathematics

Date and time: 19 January 2019. 10:00AM


Spoken exam:

For admission, students are required to participate in a spoken entrance exam. This event comprises of an informal discussion with the student and a group activity (about an hour long). These occasions provide us an opportunity to find out how motivated and cooperative the applicants are.

Dates: 5-7 March 2019

Spoken exam schedule

Megnézem >>

Application for the central written exam

Application form

Megnézem >>

Application forms should be submitted at the school secretary’s office.

Deadline: 7 December, 2018

Request form

Parent’s request for the consideration of the diagnostic summary at the written entrance exam.

Here >>

In our admission process, on your request, we take into account diagnostic summaries of special educational needs.

(Applicable only in the case of SEN students as defined by the CXC. 4. § 3. and 25. directives of 2011 on public education.)

Deadline of submission: At the same time with the application for the written exam.

Further information may be found at oktatas.hu (From the menu, choose: Köznevelés > Középfokú felvételi eljárás).

To find out more about the admission procedure in our school, read the details at: Admission to Kürt, Introduction >>


Send your questions via email to felveteli@kag.hu.

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