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Kürt Council

The next Kürt Council meeting...

Date and place: 6th February 2019, 16:30


Secretary of Kürt Council: Leis Max - max.leis007@gmail.com
All Kürt Council members: kt@kag.hu

The representative forum of the groups of school citizens is Kürt council, the Supreme decision-making body of the school. All three groups of school citizens (students, parents and teachers) delegate representative to Kürt council meetings. At these meetings each of these groups have equal voting rights. The members of the Kürt council can only be called back by the delegating group. Each class delegates a student and a parent. The teacher's side is represented by two members elected by the teacher’s community, the Kürt council secretary and a senior Kürt council leader. The school leader is a member of the council. The Kürt council is responsible for an in-depth examination of proposals and suggestions submitted by school citizens (individuals or groups). Members may request the convening of an extraordinary meeting. The meetings and their protocols are open to the public; their agenda and the proposals are sent to school citizens before the meeting by the Secretary of Kürt Council.

The Kürt council is entitled to decide about all non-professional, non-teaching, not finance-related issues. Whether a particular matter is educational, professional or financial issues, is up to the Kürt council to decide. The council also decides about the value and range of awards that can be given to which school citizens. It also has the right to comment on educational-professional issues of a strategic nature, for example, regarding system of evaluation in the school, and the basic principles of the functioning of the Forum for Cooperation.

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