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Forum for Cooperation

The rules for the organisational structure and operation of the Forum for Cooperation

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1. The rules for the organisational structure and operation of Kürt Foundation Secondary School states the following about the Forum for Cooperation (FC)

  • The FC is the most important platform for the management of conflicts in the school.
  • Representatives are appointed from all three constituents of school citizens (students, parents, teachers) each year. The Forum members can only be called back by the delegating group. The teachers’ side is represented by two staff members chosen by the community and a responsible head of the meeting (the Secretary of the Forum for Cooperation).
  • At the meetings or “trials” of the Forum for Cooperation all students, parents and teachers have the same rights and each of them has one vote.
  • The fundamental principles of the functioning of the Forum for Cooperation is monitored by the Kürt Council. Otherwise, the  teacher members of the forum are free to decide about its operational procedures.
  • In its operation the FC is completely independent.
  • Related to disciplinary issues of the school, only the Forum for Cooperation has the right to make decisions. 
    The Secretary of the Forum for Cooperation informs the Kürt Council and the Community of Employees about its work annually.

2. The functions of FC

  • Gives advice to problem situations, conflict management, initiates mediation processes and the peaceful resolution of conflicts.
  • Decides on the existence of fault, blame or liability
  • Decides about consequences or sanctions
  • Monitors and verifies the implementation of the penalty imposed.
  • Provides information to the Kürt Council.

3. The matters within the competence of an FC discussion include:

  •         violation of the school rules
  •         theft
  •         intentional vandalism
  •         libel and others violations of human dignity
  •         hate speech
  •         rough, dangerous infringement of community rules
  •         others risk to physical integrity
  •         aggression
  •         any case falling within the scope of criminal law

4. Justification for any FC trial

The exploration and clarification of the given case is the common interest of the school citizens. Our goal is to reach a common position by democratic means.

5. Conduct of the trial

  1. Information (in order:  information from the complainants, information from the accused,  information from the witnesses of the case)
  2. Asking questions/discussion
  3. Suggestions to solve the problem (the accused or anybody else)
  4. Decision

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